The Coven of the Horse and the Moon

A coven of the Order of the Horse and the Moon

The Coven of the Horse and Moon

The Coven of the Horse and Moon is a London based Wiccan coven. We are the central coven of the Order of the Horse and the Moon which runs a number of websites and online groups. Our objective is to be as open as possible. Our approach is based on the Wiccan rede ‘an it harm non do what ye will’. By this we understand that all who seek coven Wicca should beĀ helpedĀ to practice and places in covens should be found for them.

14 thoughts on “The Coven of the Horse and Moon

  1. hello i am very intrested in learning the pagan religion i have read a lot about what its about and i find it very intresting after being very ill for the last 6 yrs and ongoing i wanted to bring some kind of religion to my life i have read up on others but this by far grips me im all about so much of this faith but i dont learn very quick as my tablets slow me down i would love to meet people who understand the faith and can help me learn and grow my fiance is also very intrested we just have no idea how to start or were to go for guidance i hope you can help e i have only lived in london 9 weeks but know my way around a fair bit hope to hear from you soon x

  2. I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

  3. Where in london is this coven

  4. Is there any particular criteria for membership?

  5. I would like to join your Coven.
    I have practiced Wicca for 19 Years and have not
    yet found a group .

  6. Hi there I’m looking for a Wiccan to join me for a radio discussion for Premier Christian Radio at our London studio this Friday 10 Oct at 10.30am

    It’s for an open and friendly dialogue on Wiccna beliefs and lifestyle (especially with Halloween coming up)

    I’ve tried a few organisations but no one is available. Would you email me if you think you would be interested in contributing?

    Justin Brierley

  7. Hi There, I’ve joined the meet up group (request pending) and keeping an eye open for next meet ups. I’d love the chance to connect and learn if you’ll have me. I’m establishing a sense for this path and interested in working with a group and seeing what that can offer me and visa versa. Thanks & best wishes to you.

    • Hi Emily,
      Sorry to take time to get back to you. This comment section is not closely monitored. You should have had the chance to join our group for events by now if you wished to.

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